The Great Sacandaga Lake Region of Upstate NY

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, there is a large, crystal clear body of water known as the “Great Sacandaga Lake”….

The Great Sacandaga LakeUnspoiled, unpopulated and unknown to most, this majestic lake (29 miles long with 125 miles of shoreline) is one of the few remaining “natural wonders” of New York State. Protected by the  Adirondack Park Agency and the Hudson River Black River Regulating District Authority, The Great Sacandaga Lake has kept its natural beauty a secret from the “advances” of technology and commercialism.

The beginning of this century was marked with major flooding on the Hudson River, especially in the Albany area. A flood control basin was proposed and the Conklingville Dam was completed in 1932. Here the Sacandaga River was dammed forming the Great Sacandaga Lake. What was originally conceived as a means of controlling the floodwaters of the Hudson has come into its own right as one of New York State’s premier locations to live and vacation.

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